Crushing Poker and Counting Stacks

‘Practice makes perfect’ is a universal truth, and it also applies to poker. There’s no way you can be good, or improve, by playing poker passively, that is, by just watching and reading about the game. Guess where successful players spend most of their time? Yes, at the tables, playing, playing, and playing again. Besides improving your game by playing as much as you can, there are also other benefits: you’ll get to see repetitive situations occurring over, and over again. Like in the movie ‘Groundhog Day’, you’ll see what is working, and what is not, and by reading your game, thereby, eventually dropping your bad habits. The easiest way to improve your game is to analyse every hand after each game. This will teach you what works, and what you should do more of, and what doesn’t, and so you should stop. Another way of tracking your play is by using tracking software. As soon as you get competent you should check one out. The best features of poker tracking systems are their ability to replicate specific scenarios you will encounter. This allows you to get exact data on large samples. You can’t argue with Big Data. You either win or lose. Knowing why you are losing will allow you to make the right adjustment to your game and improve your win rate. Studying video tutorials is one of the best ways to learn about poker. Check out coaches that play and their sites, and study their videos. Get a poker coach, join training sites, link into forums, study poker books, read blogs, gain access to the best minds in poker, just get inspired! There’s no substitution for experience. You will need hundreds of thousands of cash game hands and tournaments to prove you’re a winning player. When to start? No time like the present.