The Burning Poker Question

Poker, the name itself evokes images of smoky back rooms of pubs and piles of chips going to the most unscrupulous people. However, the face of Poker has changed over the years, and with the huge amount of casinos and online sites available today, it has become quite a respectable way to add to one’s income. How does one become a better poker player? This is the question that every poker player wants the answer to in order to improve their odds and benefit from the money that winning a hand brings. It seems experience is a key aspect, so before playing, research is a key benefactor. There are hundreds of books available on aspects of poker and how it was once played, and how it is played now. Next, once all research has been fully undertaken, find a casino where beginners can play for little money, and not on as serious a level as professional players. If going to a casino isn’t an option, because of other commitments or not feeling entirely comfortable with people who are possibly highly experienced in the poker world, then there are online options available. A site where there is a live dealer online ensures that there is no cheating and fair play is maintained. Click here for more information on the benefits of live dealers. When in a casino the following advice should be heeded:

  • Have patience. This involves knowing the difference between being a loose or a tight player; a loose player bets with every hand, even the bad ones, however a tight player bets only with a good hand.
  • Be vigilant and know cheating when it happens. Second dealing and bottom dealing are two notorious ways the dealer can cheat the players at their game, therefore if foul play is suspected, the player should ask to cut the deck twice and even ask for a fresh pack of cards, if need be.

Most important of all is to stay calm and retain the famous ‘poker face’, which means retain a straight face at all times, showing no indication of the hand that is held. Important above all is experience; the more games and poker situations that one is exposed to, the better player one will become.